The Good Times Buffalo Bills

Chan Gailey describes the effects of the no huddle offense for the American Football Coaches Association. 

Chan Gailey is featured heavily on this week’s Locker Room MVPs.

Borrowing From Belichick, the Bills Use Receiver ‘Knots’ to Sow Chaos; Poof! You’re a Fullback

The Bills have tweaked the Pats’ innovation by mashing up Belichick’s extra-receivers formation with a move that every kid who plays pick-up basketball knows: the pick. Setting picks – i.e., using one receiver to obstruct a defender’s access to another receiver who is not carrying the ball – is generally against the rules in football (it is treated as offensive pass interference). But there is a loophole. If the pick is the result of the receivers’ normal passing routes, it won’t draw a flag.

Maybe we should change the title of this blog from “The Good Times Buffalo Bills” to “RYAN FITZPATRICK, I LOVE YOU!”

The marriage of the football minds of Chan Gailey and Ryan Fitzpatrick is producing epic quarterback play for the Buffalo Bills.

Fitzpatrick now has played 16 games, the equivalent of a full season, under Gailey.

The results: Fitzpatrick has passed for 3,841 yards, with 32 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions. Only two Bills quarterbacks ever have produced more yards in a season, and only Jim Kelly has produced more touchdowns in one season.